Custom Order Request

If custom sugar cookies are something that you have ALWAYS wanted at your event, then you are in the right place!

We also offer a variety of other sweets for your event! Please send us a message to discuss any of these options!

- Gourmet Cookies (2 sizes available)

- Decorate Your Own Cookie Sets

- Paint Your Own Cookies

- Cookie Cakes

- Macarons

- Bars/Brownies

- && much more, just ask!



Let Sprinkled Sweet design stunning cookies for your next event!

Please fill out this form with details about your event and cookie needs!

***Filling out this form does not guarantee availability. I will contact you about your form as soon as I am able, once we talk about details and desires, I will send you a quote/contract. A $50 minimum non-refundable retainer will be required to book your spot. Full payment is due 7 days before your pick up date. Thank you for understanding as this makes sure I do not book up and then turn others away and end up with cancellations. 

Please review pricing and minimums here:

All custom sugar cookies are created with love and care! I put so much time into planning out and drawing your designs! I love using your elements, such as party invitations, decor, toys, outfits, shirts, etc, as inspiration for your cookie sets! 

Sprinkled Sweet cookies range from $50-60/standard sized dozen and $30-40/mini sized dozen, and depend on number of colors, designs, level of complexity and some other things! Minimum of 1 dozen full size, or 2 dozen mini. 

**Please note 1 dozen orders have a maximum of 4 designs, no matter what level of detail. 

Here are some examples:

Sweet Details: $50/dozen, $30/mini dozen

1-5 colors including white, 1-6 designs, simple writings/airbrushing, no metallics (gold,silver, etc), no florals 


Premium Details:$55/dozen, $35/mini dozen

1-9 colors including white, 1-8 designs, detailed writings/airbrushing, metallics, florals


10+ colors, including white, will be $60/dozen, $40/mini dozen (this is not needed often, but for a few themes/parties) 

Sprinkled Sweet reserves the right to determine final cost/pricing tier and which elements are needed to fit your theme. 

Below is the contract that filling out this form & paying a retainer means you understand. 

Quantity Requirements: 2 dozen minimum total (2 dozenn regular size, 2 dozen mini size, or 1 dozen regular & 1 dozen mini)
All cookies are a vanilla almond sugar cookie, made with the common food allergens: wheat, milk, soy, eggs, & tree nuts.
By submitting this form you agree that you have read over the contract above.