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Custom Cookies & Other Sweets!

If custom sugar cookies are something that you have ALWAYS wanted at your event, then you are in the right place!

We also offer a variety of other sweets for your event! Please send us a message to discuss any of these options!

- Cookie Cakes

- Gourmet Cookies

- Macarons

- Simple Cakes (No fondant or tiered cakes)

All custom sugar cookies are created with love and care! I put so much time into planning out and drawing your designs! I love using your elements, such as party invitations, decor, toys, outfits, shirts, etc, as inspiration for your cookie sets! 


Custom sugar cookies are literally edible works of art! These are customized just for you and your event, and the process is not a quick one, so pricing must reflect my time and talent!

Sprinkled Sweet cookies range from $50-60/standard sized dozen and $30-40/mini sized dozen, and depend on number of colors, designs, level of complexity and some other things! Minimum of 1 dozen full size, or 2 dozen mini. I design each set to match what you need and base the price around what is needed for designs! 

Need a cookie fix, but don't have an event?? You can order one color, royal icing circle cookies for $30/dozen. The perfect way to get that sugar cookie snack fix!!  

Please note* 1 dozen orders have a maximum of 4 designs, no matter what level of detail. 

Here are some examples:

Sweet Details: $50/dozen, $30/mini dozen

1-5 colors including white, 1-6 designs, simple writings/airbrushing, no metallics, simple florals
Premium Details:$55/dozen, $35/mini dozen
1-9 colors including white, 1-8 designs, detailed writings/airbrushing, metallics, detailed florals
10+ colors, including white, will be $60/dozen, $40/mini dozen (this is not needed often, but for a few themes/parties) 

Sprinkled Sweet reserves the right to determine final cost/pricing tier and which elements are needed to fit your theme.